Policy Platform Outline.pdf


There are so many issues confronting us in the twenty-first century. I will be regularly updating this page, as well as our social media, with detailed policy prescriptions for solutions that will benefit working and middle class families in North Country. In the meantime, we have included a survey to hear directly from you; we want to know your thoughts, ideas, and experiences to help us craft the most inclusive and expansive agenda possible.


Education is necessary for any democracy to thrive. The effects ripple positively through any society. That is why I support making all public colleges and universities tuition-free. We need to stop treating education as a private good, made available through personal wealth, and begin treating it as a guaranteed right for those who wish to pursue it. We need to encourage, not discourage, young people to pursue a decent higher education, which is why I support federal action to abolish all $1.7 trillion of student debt in our country. Moreover, the most critical time of psychological development is at the very beginning of life, which is why I also support universal childcare for every youngster in our country, ages 0-5.


The scientific community is virtually unanimous in calling for immediate international action on climate change. We have a responsibility to act as good stewards of the land that we occupy. The quality of our air, food, and water have greatly suffered from nonsensical deregulation and dangerous disengagement from environmental awareness. We need to enact the Green New Deal into law, as there is enormous potential to stimulate our economy while combatting climate change. I would pay for the increase in federal spending by enacting a tax on carbon and taking on the fossil fuel industry, which contributes millions of dollars to political campaigns on both sides of the aisle. That is one of the many reasons why we need serious campaign finance reform by overturning Citizens United.


No American should go bankrupt or be denied essential life-saving medicine, whether as a result of their ability to pay or as a function of their employer. I support a Medicare-for-All single-payer system, where all medical treatment is made free at the point of service. Medicare-for-All is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to an enormous amount of wasteful spending, as the United States spends twice as much per capita on healthcare as do any other major industrialized countries. Our current employer-based system is predatory and parasitic, leeching billions of dollars out of the system and then denying coverage when your doctor is "out-of-network." Medicare-for-All will save billions of dollars, as well as thousands of lives, every single year.

foreign policy

The United States is the world's last remaining superpower, and we need to acknowledge when our actions abroad are not furthering our national interests. Over the past twenty years, we have spent trillions of dollars on imperialist missions in the Middle East with no result (other than fulfillment of enormous financial contracts with the military industrial complex). We need to immediately end our illegal and offensive wars overseas and ensure that our veterans have the best quality healthcare that we can provide them. We need to re-enter the 2015 Iranian Nuclear Agreement and begin serious efforts at a two-state solution with the Israelis and the Palestinians.

jobs and the economy

I believe that strong trades, good training, and empowered unions are the way forward in areas of employment that do not require college degrees. I support a federal jobs guarantee, that all citizens have the right to a good-paying job to support themselves and their families. We need to also pass the Green New Deal, which would generate millions of new jobs and job training in science, engineering, and green technology, solidifying the United States' position as the twenty-first century's sole superpower.


For too long, the wealthy have paid far too little in taxes, while the average citizen has paid far too much. We need to stop thinking that everyone benefits when the 1 percent do well. The truth is that the 1 percent benefit when everyone does well. Warren Buffett may pay a lower tax rate than his secretary does, but Buffett would not be where he is today without untold contributions from his workers. We need to immediately repeal the portions of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which disproportionately benefitted the top 1 percent, and we need to push for a wealth tax on the 50 millionth-and-first dollar to ensure that the mega-rich begin paying their fair share. No more Amazons paying $0 in federal taxes.